Are you over flushing?

Are you over flushing is a user-friendly and interactive online tool that provides an overview of how much water you use for flushing the toilet daily. This tool also shows how your water usage compares to the average person's usage, helping you to understand if you are over flushing.

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How it works

The "are you over flushing" tool runs immediate calculations every time you change any input, providing real-time results.

The inputs for this tool are:

  1. Daily frequency — The number of times a day the toilet is flushed per person.
  2. Flush volume — The volume of water (in liters) that is used per flush.

Upon calculating your water usage, the tool compares your daily usage with the average person's daily toilet water usage. The tool then informs you whether you are over flushing or if your flushing habits are within the average range.

Overall, the "are you over flushing" tool provides an intuitive and visual way to better understand and possibly manage your daily water usage from just flushing the toilet. Moreover, it gives you insights into your flushing habits, potentially encouraging a more eco-friendly approach to household water usage.