mailto: link generator

Quickly create mailto: links with email address, subject, and/or body. And then copy the mailto: link or the HTML code.

How does this work?

The mailto generator tool is designed to easily create mailto: links or HTML anchor links for users. The mailto: link is often used in websites to help visitors quickly send an email message.

Here is how the tool functions:

  1. User Inputs: The tool takes three fields as input - an email address (required), a subject (optional), and a body (optional).
  2. Auto Encoding: For the subject and the body of the email, input is automatically URL-encoded to ensure it is handled correctly when it is used in the mailto: link.
  3. Live Generation: As soon as the user begins to type in any of the fields, the tool dynamically generates the mailto: link and displays it in a read-only output field. Should the user choose to input a subject and/or body along with the email address, the tool appends these in a URL-friendly format to the mailto: link. If either field is left empty, that parameter is not included in the output.
  4. Two Outputs: The tool provides two types of output - a plain mailto: link, and an HTML anchor tag with the link included in the href attribute.
  5. Easy Copy: Beside each output field, there is a 'Copy' button. Clicking it will copy the corresponding output to the clipboard, ready for use.
  6. Field Validation: Additionally, this tool ensures that the 'email address' field is filled first before any other input field can be used, enforcing the idea that the email address is necessary. If the user attempts to fill the 'subject' or 'body' fields first, these stay disabled until an email is entered.

This simple-to-use tool enhances the overall user experience, making it quick and easy to generate mailto: links for any purpose.

This is tool is heavily inspired by this Mailto Link Generator tool. I love this tool and you can head over to their website to learn more about mailto: links and how they work.